• What's This?
    Mixed media artist and clothing designer Marie Cordella is just one of the 40 artists whose work can be viewed at ArtSpace, a visual art center that features 23 open studios, three exhibition galleries, lectures, classes and many other stimulating art events.
  • What's This?
    North Carolina State Capitol
    The North Carolina State Capitol, completed in 1840, is one of the finest and best-preserved examples of a major civic building in the Greek Revival style of architecture. It is a National Historic Landmark.
  • What's This?
    Blount Street was once home to rich industrialists and prominent civic leaders, as evidenced by these beautiful, historic homes. Nearby Blount Street Commons, currently under construction, will soon add even more residences, retail shops and parks.
  • What's This?
    Catch 22
    Catch 22 is a modern baroque aesthetic clothing boutique that offers bold designs, funky accessories, and evening essentials, handpicked from the hottest designers at notably affordable prices.
  • What's This?
    Dos TaQuitos Centro
    Dos TaQuitos Centro restaurant reflects the music, art and food of Mexico. Voted Indy's “Best of the Triangle 2008,” the owner refers to the decor as “an organized mess,” while the menu features some of the Triangle's favorite Mexican fare.
  • What's This?
    Father and Son Antiques
    Father and Son Antiques is home to a bounty of collectables and oddities, from mid-century designs and vintage threads to '50s kitch, tiki, mod, and much more.
  • What's This?
    Wachovia IMAX Theater
    This architectural sculpture marks the entrance of the Wachovia IMAX Theater at Marbles Kids Museum, which provides a larger-than-life movie experience for kids of all ages.
  • What's This?
    Knockabout is a unique gift shop for the creative class featuring items you won't find in any mall. Many of the crafts are made by talented North Carolina artisans. Be sure to visit the bakery and try one of their freshly made cookies.
  • What's This?
    Raleigh Times Bar
    The Raleigh Times Bar is located in the beautifully restored 100-year-old former home of the city's evening newspaper. Featuring creative takes on classic bar fare, and an amazing beer selection.

Do Business

Businesses Coming Soon:

616 Glenwood

Address:  616 Glenwood Ave.


Benny Cappella's

Address: 121 Fayetteville St.


The Cortez Restaurant

Address:   413 Glenwood 


Growler USA

Address:   314 S. Blount St


Harris Teeter

Address:  Seaboard Station


La Santa Modern Mexican

Address:   222 Glenwood Ave.


Mofu Shoppe

Address:   321 Blount St.


Morgan Street Food Hall

Address:  411 W. Morgan Street


Oak City Market

Address:  SkyHouse


Oakwood Pizza Box

Address:  610 N. Person St.


Poolside Pie

Address:  S. McDowell St.


Residence Inn by Marriott

Address:  616 S. Salisbury Street


Rum Runners (Seaboard)

Address:   Seaboard Station




St. Roch Oyster and Bar

Address:  223 S. Wilmington St.


Tama Tea

Address:   401 Fayetteville St.


The Parliament

Address:   320 Glenwood Ave.



Address:  411 Fayetteville St.


Voda Boutique

Address:   712 Tucker St.



Address:  319 Fayetteville St.



Address:  227 Fayetteville Street


Newly Opened Businesses:


42 & Lawrence from Larry’s Beans

Address:  308 S. Blount St.


Amorino Gelato Cafe

109 E. Davie St.


Art of Style

Address:  19 W. Hargett St.


Bare Bones

301 Fayetteville Street


Brewery Bhavana

Address:  218 S. Blount St


Cafe Lucarne

Address:  309 Blake Street


The Cardinal

Address:  N. West St.


Carroll's Kitchen

Address:  19 E. Martin Street


City Market Sushi

Address: 317 Blake Street.


Crawford and Son

Address:  618 N Person St.


Deco Home

Address:  19 W. Hargett St.


DGX Raleigh

Address:   149 E. Davie Street


Dram and Draught

Address:  623 Hillsborough Street


Emily and Co.

Address:  527 Hillsborough St.


Finds Raleigh

Address:  520 N. West St.


Flourish Market

Address: 713 Tucker St.


Gabriel Ryder Salon

Address:  408 S. McDowell St.


Glenwood Pharmacy and Market

Address:  401 Glenwood Ave.


Gilded Bridal

Address:  421 N. Boylan Ave.


Krav Maga

Address:   119 E. Hargett


Living Kitchen

Address:  555 Fayetteville St.


Little City Provisions

Address:  400 W. North St.


Mulino Italian Kitchen

Address:  309 N. Dawson St.


Oak and Dagger Public House

Address:  18 Seaboard Ave



Address:  301 W. Martin St.


Pizza La Stella

Address:  219 Fayetteville St.


Raleigh Provisions

Address:  107 E. Davie St.


Read With Me

Address: 111 E. Hargett St.



Address:  200 E. Martin St.


Sir Walter Coffee

Address: 145 E. Davie St.


The District

Address: 317 West Morgan Street #117


The Outpost

Address: 306 East Hargett St.


Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

Address:  505 W. Jones St.


Trophy Tap & Table

Address:  225 S. Wilmington St.


Twisted Oak Art Shop

17 E. Martin Street


Unique Tailor

Address:  15 W. Davie St.



Address:  500 Glenwood Ave


Watts and Ward

Address:  Blount Street


Whiskey Kitchen

Address:  201 W. Martin Street