Raleigh Downtown Farmer's Market

Connect with your community farmers and choose local at downtown Raleigh’s premier venue for sustainably-grown produce and artisan food.  Make it your farm fresh destination each week!

Eat Local

Eat local because it tastes better.
It’s fresher. Food travels on average 1,300 miles from farm to table. At the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market, your food travels within the boundaries of North Carolina, most from 90 miles or less. It reaches you within a day of being picked, compared with week-long journeys across the country.

Eat local for your health.
The nutritional value of produce declines as more time passes between farm and fork. Buying directly from your farmer allows you to know where your food comes from and how it was raised. You have the choice to buy from someone you trust. Take the opportunity to learn how your food was grown. Ask about what chemicals, pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified seed, if any, were used in the production of your food.

Eat local because it’s your regional economy.
Spending locally keeps dollars circulating in your community.

Eat local to preserve biodiversity and enjoy unique varieties.
Many varieties grown for supermarket shelves were selected for their ability to withstand long distance shipping and to have a long shelf life. Locally grown and sold produce varieties are selected for their taste! In addition to the opportunity to taste heirloom varieties long forgotten by industrial agriculture, you are preserving and enhancing genetic diversity.

Eat local to support endangered family farms and maintain the rural character of the land.
Shopping at the farmers market puts dollars directly in the farmers’ hands. Rather than paying for shipping and packaging costs, your dollars support the family farm.

Eat local to support the environment.
Buying produce locally reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials needed to transport produce vast distances.